by Cowicide - 3/9/12 2:35 PM

In Reply to: I understand by MarkFlax Moderator

I see your point, but you missed mine. The link I displayed is showing how many others have been also frustrated by a lack of an industry standard forum search. I still don't see why cnet can't muster a clearly marked forum-specific search like literally almost every other website on the Internet (with a forum) does.

If you go back and look at my search link, you'll see that I'm very far from being the only one who has wasted time looking for an industry standard search for these cnet forums. That was the point of my link.

Hey, cnet can suck at usability all it wants and point the finger at the users. Just not a great business model, IMO.

Cnet needs to add a "search forums" spot on the page and then cnet will catch up with the rest of the Internet who already does this. Otherwise, continue to confound and frustrate users.

Once again, go look through my link and observe the ongoing frustration from many users. This is poor usability, clear and simple. Make excuses, blame the user, etc. - but it doesn't change that fact.

I'll stop here, any more basic consulting and I'm going to need to charge $250 per hour. happy