I understand

by MarkFlax Moderator - 3/9/12 4:25 AM

In Reply to: hmmm by Cowicide

but have a look at http://forums.cnet.com/1770-5_102-0.html?query=This+is+pitiful&searchtype=forums&rpp=10&forumName=&prodrange=This%20Week&beginStartDate=20120302&endStartDate=20120309240000&tag=pe-searchFacetsTile;navForm

I found your top post with just two clicks. I typed in, this is pitiful clicked Search, (or press Enter), and got this first of all;

I then filtered the results using the options in the left hand column, in this case, "Narrow your results - Past 30 days (2)", and found your post.

It works, and now I know how to use it and what terms to use, I can find most anything I am looking for.