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by boidsonly - 3/7/12 10:51 AM

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I just added the SIMM sticks (4x32) and booted up in safe mode. I removed the lan and modem cards to stop the add wardware windows from popping up. I'll try to answer your questions in the body of your email. Please see below:

As to your question regarding the Microsoft message telling you
that a given amount of disk space is required. The answer is
not exactly true. Almost but not quite. When written Microsoft
had to assume that the user would be installing every possible
option available from the package. So the good news is that if
you only install the minimum amount necessary for the "Bare
bones version" it will not require quite as much space.

You wrote "I reformatted and copied the cab files to the hard
drive and now it tells me I need to free space on the HD."
Those files alone takes up about 132 Megabytes of a 160MB HD.
In addition you wrote "There is a Command.com [CABS] listed with:
1 file(s) 93,880 bytes 1 dir(s) 159,014,912 bytes free."
Common sense should tell you that if Win98 was on that HD
before it was reformatted it should fit on it now. What we don't
know is weather or not the Microsoft Cab files were on the HD
before it was reformatted. OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacture)
did put them on the HD in a directory named "Options" which was
a sub directory of the "Windows" directory. I will need a whole
lot more information before I am able to help you.

Me-it appears I have 2 drives listed under computer properties.
C drive [D:]: with 105 mb used and 151 mb free
C drive with 141 mb used and 543 mb free
It looks like that the C: has the Windows 98 operating system and the C[d:] has all the cabs and nothing else.

1) Where did you acquire the Win98 installation software? That's
important to know because there were two versions made at the
time. One version was an upgrade version for those who were
upgrading from Win95. The other version was for a new installation.

Me-My Win98 disk came with a computer that I purchased-I have the Serial number. I have the SE disk as well with serial number. I really don't want to add the SE unless you recommend I do so. This is going to be a gaming PC for my old adventure games-assuming I ever get it up and running in normal mode. I also have my old Win95 disk w/serial number.

2) From where or what medium did you copy the files from? Do
you have a CD or what? That's important to know so we can identify
the files.

Me- I copied all files from my OEM Win98 disk.

2) Are the files for Windows 98 or 98SE? Windows 98 SE was the
updated version of the first release of 98. Windows 98 was labeled
WinVer=4.10.0 and SE was labeled WinVer=4.10.2222.


3) How were you able to boot your machine if the only files are
the those that you listed? The bare minimum would be one copy of
Command.com, Msdos.sys and IO.sys. So please tell me how you are
reading the contents of the HD.

Me-I had an old windows 98 boot floppy from years ago. I installled all the files needed from the floppy to get my pc and cd rom going far enough to fire up the cd rom and copy the files from the win98 disk.

4) I will also need to know everything you can tell me about the
computer. What other types of drives does it has. Floppy drive,
CD ROM drive? Those kind of things.

Me-It has a 10.5" x 11" mobo, 1 video card and sound card installed. It has the 2 drives, 1 3.5" drive and the cd rom.

I don't want to try and boot up normally because the last time I got it up and running in safe mode, I shut it down and booted up normally and the explorer.exe error returned and crashed the pc. This happened before I formatted the drive as well as after-hence my reluctance to restart it.

ME-re: the PS:

I performed method 1 and the not enough memory popped up-I reformatted and went with method 2 next. Here I am.....I'll just leave it on in its present state of safe mode until I hear from you. Thanks much for your time.

Best regards,

Well I'll sign off for now and let you gather all the information
I've asked for.

TTFN (Ta Ta for now)


It look like Bob thinks you might have a larger HD that has at
least one partition. Perhaps he is also wondering how you were
able to access the HD in order to copy the cab files and
command.com to it. Maybe you can tell us everything you did,
starting at the point that you decided to do the reformat.
Don't leave anything out. (Blow by blow) Even if you took a
coffee break, we need to know about it. You can't possibly give
us to much information. The more, the merrier and better.