Looking for the same answer.

by waynev95376 - 3/6/12 9:33 AM

In Reply to: Read this and came away by R. Proffitt Moderator

I cam across this thread, looking to ask the exact same question. I realize I was impatient and rude, and I apologize for that. While not making an excuse, but an explanation, it's often frustrating when searching through various forums to find people trying to be helpful, but doing so by invalidating or ignoreing the original questions, and answering another question altogether.

In looking at the various advertisements and reviews for the neat scanner, the software is what stands out. The scanner itself has a few neat (no pun intended) features, but seems expensive, for what it is. This could be a function of the bundle, of course.

I think the obstacles associated with developing this kind of software are really not the issue, when someone asks a question like this. Debating how hard it might be to handle every kind of scanner device is almost meaningless to anyone who might ask. Also, I can't speak for the person who originally asked, but I know how to do all of the steps that the NeatWorks software does, i.e. scan, crop, OCR, save, and organize. But if you are asking for a turnkey software solution for managing all of your documents electronically, isn't the answer "I jsut scan it, crop it, and save it..." really just answering a different question?