Restriction on other possibilities : why ?

Bob, thanks for adding a reply. English is not my native language, so I'm not sure to understand 100% our answer.

My be i should add that of course a I done a lot of research before posting.
I may not use the cloud at my workplace (forbidden by our IT manager). That's why I have to eclude it. Sorry, but I have to follow the rule and they have closed some "doors" or ports to be sure that we don't manage to got out that way.
I also want to use USB at home, because my wife is not quite confirtable wit IT. She needs agenda and tasks for hier jobs, but she is often lost when you have to synchronisation account, get connection, get logged, ...

Yesterday I remove office 2010-64 and put office & oulook 2010-32. I also installed WMD (for 32bits) but connection dose not open. It seems that HTC drivers are not nknown from windows. I do not find adequate HTC Touch 2 driver on HTC site and microsoft compatibility site has on 24 devices ( !!! ).

Now i have to got to work and start again this evening.

Any ideas are welcome.