I bought on retail version of XP Pro (A whopping $400 too), an OEM version of XP Media Center, and an OEM version of XP Home. Does that make me a hobbyist or a builder?

With each one I built a whole computer, except the home version which is still unopened. I plan on putting that on a hodge-podge piecework computer with the fewest new parts I can buy. Probably donate that one to a needy family. At least they could use it to get the skewl work done...

Who else is tired of Microsoft raping everyone? They live extravagant lifestyles and we struggle to keep food on the table and a roof over our heads.

We need to toss out ALL copyright laws and start over, this time doing them in favor of the consumer.
Like having them expire 3 years after inception. This included movies, music, the works.
Innovation and creativity would no longer be stifled by unfair laws. Also, anything that once could have been copyrighted would be barred from obtaining a patent. Patents should expire every 5 years.