I agree. HP is the worst.

by jaiminita - 3/2/12 10:09 AM

In Reply to: HP/Compaq has terrible supoort by FlightRiskAK

I had a similar experience from HP. After reporting an issue HP sent me the laptop 'duly' fixed, but the same issue was still there. When it was reported again, by this time its warranty was lapsed.

Then they charged $260. to fix the same. The laptop went dead within 1 week of 3 months warranty on their fix. They refused to entertain and tried to fix the laptop again at a discounted price of $260... I wrote off that laptop and HP too.

Unlike Bob, I still have that laptop lying at home. I have purchased 4 new laptops in last 2 years and none were HP. I have also convinced each and everyone of my colleagues to 'never buy an HP product again'. At least 4 of my friends bought laptops in last 1 year - and none were HP thanks to HP messing up on their promise.

I understand that DELL treats its customers in a similar fashion. I had one purchased 5 years ago for my family members and when the keyboard gave error, it was just 10 days over the guarantee. I stopped using Dell except for the professional one supplied by my office. That machine too has a lot to be desired in terms of quality.

We also have a couple of Apples but we never had any need for customer support. Exceptional general quality of their hardware.

Compared to that I have had Impeccable responses from Lenovo even in cases where the errors were on my side for after sales service. The quality of product is way better than others.