HW-D550 - UN55D8000 - AppleTV and Scientific Atlanta (Cable)

by J_Hrycys - 3/1/12 6:58 PM

In Reply to: All Samsung Components - Doesn't Work by Tarbaby-ATL

Here is my story that is like Tarbaby with a question.

I like Tarbaby, I had my Scientific Atlanta to soundbar HDMI1 and AppleTV to soundbar HDMI2 and the HDMIout to the Samsung TV. I saw this as logical as the signal would leave a source (Cable TV or AppleTV) to the soundbar and then out to the TV. I guess this is WRONG. It is less intuitive then that. The AppleTV worked fine without a problem at 720p with this setup, however the Scientific Atlanta box only gives me grief with "Mode Not Supported" or "No Signal" (no video, no sound).

I was able to get my Cable TV and AppleTV to show the picture on the TV and the sound through the soundbar with the following setup:

Left the AppleTV connection HDMI2 of the soundbar and the Soundbar connects to the TV on HMDI2arc. So in this configuration the signal is going to the soundbar and then to the TV.
I connected the Scientific Atlanta to the TV (HDMI2 arc) and put the soundbar to Dig1arc. So in this configuration the signal is going to the TV and then to the soundbar.

Interesting enough I though the problem was with the arc... so I did put the setup back that I mention in the 2nd paragraph and used HDMI4 on the TV (avoiding the HDMI2arc input). This made no difference and I had the problems remain that I originally had. I don't know why this didn't work... but I do have a system that works... I am not happy though as I have an exposed cable under this setup. I would really like to have the Cable - Soundbar - TV setup more then the Cable - TV - Soundbar setup I have now....

Any help is appreciated!!!