hp laptop sudden dead

by mokibaby - 2/27/12 5:21 AM

In Reply to: HP/Compaq has terrible supoort by FlightRiskAK

My experience with HP was a bit on the scary side.... the machine was working good and it was shut down properly.... then, the next day - sudden death! It will not come on any more - the motherboard died peacefully after the last shut down... it was a good thing I have backup all my files (learn from a virus experience happy
I called HP (now this is a 3 months old machine) and nothing can be done on it.... I was write off too I guess...
So far, I have own my share of computers & laptop from HP, Dell, Toshiba, Compaq and Acer

Out of all, Toshiba last the longest (my first Toshiba last 11 years, run on 256 MB, win 95 then) and it lives for 11 years (org. battery and charger were still good when then board died!)
When you have a good machine, you don't need any customer service, the machine 'self-serve'