Can't Uninstall

by shickley - 2/26/12 10:05 AM

In Reply to: Something else to try.. by Carol~ Moderator

When I use add/remove and click remove, a popup from PC Cleaners comes up asking if I really want to uninstall. There is no button to click and the add/remove uninstall never uninstalls. It just sits there. Same with CCleaner.

And no it's not running in Task Manager until I try to uninstall then there is a uninst.exe that runs but never accomplishes anything. That is what I let run for hours hoping it was just real punishment:)

I've also now tried HouseCall no luck with it either.

Your added word of advice came too late:) I tried one of the other removal programs, out of desperation after 2 days, but at least was able to rid myself of it.

Thank you Carol.