Something else to try..

by Carol~ Moderator - 2/26/12 8:28 AM

In Reply to: Can't Uninstall "PC Cleaners 2012" by shickley


I'm not clear as to what you mean when you say, "I left uninstall running for hours".

Putting the above (temporarily) aside, first open the Task Manager and see if you find a "PCCleanerpro.exe" (or the like) running, under the Processes Tab. If there, highlight it and click on "End Process".

Many have had success removing PC Cleaner and other unwanted programs with the Revo Uninstaller. Their FREE version should do the job.

An added word of advice. As a result of a Google search, you will find various PC Cleaner removal guides. Some of them are considered "unsafe" with malicious content. Unless you have link scanner or safe browsing tool such as Web of Trust (WOT), I suggest you "proceed with caution".

Best of luck..