w/n 1 yr, my 17" HP was on 3rd HD! Faith also lost on HP!

I agree! I have had 4 HP computers. After the last on, 17" HP now about 2 yrs old, I have no faith in HP laptops. It was also the bios problem! After the 3rd HD failure and after Best Buy put in the last 2, HP finally said they would give me a new one. They renegged and decided they wanted to send me a return box instead so they could "fix it". Ha! I had absolutely no faith after that. Having had to reinstall everything 3X! I decided I was never going to buy another HP laptop! I do not trust it. It crashed a couple months ago and deleted all my emails! I had to reinstall Outlook and now I only download movies with it or surf the neat. Nothing important. I back up everything all the time too! I used love their printers, but the last one I bought for the W7 17" HP laptop (HP didn't make a driver for the W7 then!) is really junk! I use the old one instead most of the time. The next pc... don't know, but it won't be a HP!