To clarify

by FlightRiskAK - 2/25/12 10:09 AM

In Reply to: HP/Compaq has terrible supoort by FlightRiskAK

I am not suggesting that anyone start a class action suit. I am saying that I was notified that my computer was part of one. By joining in, the final judgement was a $25.00 discount on another HP purchase. I also at one time had an HP officejet all in one printer. It too was poorly made and nothing but trouble. No HP is worth the headaches I put up with.

I currently own a Gateway laptop and a Gateway desktop. I've never had any trouble with either so I couldn't say how tech support is since I've never needed them. I have a Dell laptop. Never needed support so I have no stories to tell there either. It is an old laptop but still works like a charm. The OS was wiped and Linux put on it and it works great. I have a Toshiba laptop that is dead (hard drive failed long after the warrantee expired). While it was working, it worked great and no calls to tech support were needed. I have a monochrome laptop by Bell-older than dirt with Windows 3.1 on it. Works just fine other than the battery not charging any long. No support calls needed. I have another old laptop with Windows 95 on it. I can't recall who made it, it was an off brand. It STILL works great. I'm very familiar with computers and if these old models can still plug away and work like a charm that says a lot. Not having to call tech support because the equipment is good is even better. What speaks volumes on this forum is the common offenders. When people have bad experiences that are not addressed by the manufacturer, they can expect those people to speak up. It is well known in the business community that if a person has a bad experience they will tell 10 people but if they have a good experience they will only tell one person. It is my opinion that HP and Dell make tons of money off of business and corporate contracts so the little guy who is the consumer is relatively meaningless to them. That is just food for thought.