Another HP owner

I'll put my response here because I own an HP also.
I've been very satisfied with the quality of my 6-yesr-old HP computer.. If computer manufacturers are fairly equal this doesn't count for much, but I question how true that is.
Technical support is available through online chats (and other means too I think). The quality is so-so but I don't expect a lot - tech wizzes aren't likely to occupy those jobs. Still it's a place to start and I did get some answers.
But HP and I got off to a bad start, and I'm happy to complain about that.
Initially I intended to upgrade the software on my old Compaq - from Windows 98 to XP. I placed the order then, while on the phone with the HP guy, changed my mind, deciding instead to buy a new computer. They could have said "Okey dokey" and canceled my software order, but instead I had to talk to someone in some other department and justify the canceling of the order. Irritating.
I wound up buying an HP - with rebates. I loathe rebates, but they were sizable - $200, maybe more. I was meticulous in following the rebate instructions - dotting all my i's and crossing all my t's - and still they gave me a hard time. After too long they claimed not all information had been provided. I resent the entire packet (which I'd meticulously made copies of) along with a letter chewing them out real good. I eventually got my rebates, but they'd tried to finagle out of it which I still see, not as a mistake or oversight, but as just plain dishonest.