Not just HP Forget Dell too

We just junked a 4yr old Dell that was my ex-wifes, only used a couple times a week. Hard drive went out like everyone here says thier Dell done...They are junk!
My friend and my brother got around 3 yrs light use on thier HP's. I went to buy a top line HP desk top in 2006 because I'm on it alot. A whole lot since I'm disabled! The salesman told me to buy the cheapest desktop they had because it was better. He was commission too, just honest and knew his business.
The cheapest one I never heard of though. It was a company I never heard of called Lenovo. He said they were IBM's. That name I heard of for sure. I bought the cheapest Lenovo made. Im on it 12-16 hrs a day every day and its never had an issue. Not one issue..I'll buy these all day long! Who needs customer service when they work?
I've seen 2 high end dells and 2 HP's and 1 E-machine {for what its worth} all newer than my Lenovo bite it,I'll buy another Lenovo today if it goes,the cheapest one they have!
Just my 2 cents...