HP/Compaq has terrible supoort

I had the same problem with HP. I had "free" tech support for 1 year but only if I used the module on the computer to "chat" with them. If I had to call I had to pay for the long distance call and enormous amount of time it took to take me through the same steps they have already taken me through. I had a Pavilion and it frequently booted to the blue screen of death. That makes it impossible to use the module on the computer when it won't even boot. It had so many issues. Tech support constantly blamed software I had installed as the problem saying it wan not compatible with the OS. Yes, they even said Microsoft put out software that was not compatible with their own OS, even though the package said it was. I emailed them with detailed emails of what I had done so far and what they had asked me to do. Their response was to do the same exact steps. I don't think they even read my email. After my year of free support ended and I still had mountains of problems with this computer, I ended up replacing it. I swore never to buy HP (or Compaq, which was now owned by HP). I was later notified that my computer was one of a large class action lawsuit against HP for faulty motherboards. They knew all along that was the problem but blamed everything else but themselves. I won't buy anything that says HP on it and if I see someone in a store studying an HP product I have no problems sharing my story. I still have the emails but the computer is long since dead and gone. I'm somewhat of a tech geek and have devices made by all sorts of companies and never run into this poor of support from anyone else.