DELL, HP, terrible support

by SINBAD - 2/17/12 6:47 PM

In Reply to: I Love Dell by debba1

I have never had any luck with any major manufacturer especially Dell. Had a problem and they wanted me to take my tower apart and install something myself. Everytime I called I got a foreigner whom I could never understand even though I asked for someone in the USA. I spent 10 hours one day calling, getting transferred, getting disconnected, etc and almost having a heart attack over their service.
Never again. Last computer I bought I purchased a warranty through the store so that they furnished me my tech support. I will never buy another computer that is Dell, HP, etc. Next one I will be sure they have tech support in US or I will have someone build me one and supply tech support.
We do not need to have our product support located anywhere else but in USA as there are plenty of people here who need jobs. Why give it to foreign countries????? This is BS!!!!!