Computer manufacturers are fairly equal


I have been using computers and building/repairing them since the early 1980's. During that time I have seen computers by the "big names" rise in fall in quality as well as customer service. Dell, Gateway, Toshiba, HP, Compaq as examples have had excellent PC's, and good manufacturing and customer service, and have fallen to what I would call not good computer design and assembly, or have bad customer service response. (Not that any of these example companies are currently in that spot.). Fortunately, they learn, and come back to their higher standards.

What I would recommend you do is look at the computer reviews for the current models and select the ones you think you want to purchase. Then do a "my computer failed" search on them through the Internet to see if there are problems currently with a model or manufacturer. Then, maybe a trip to a local computer store to chat about it with a technician or two. Make your decision, and it is likely to be a good one. By the way, sometimes there is a manufacturing run where a bad capacitor or other part gets in the run. Pay attention to the speed and response to the issue to see where the Company is on their customer service, but don't judge it's overall quality by a single happenstance.