HP failed me completely. Destroying my laptop and more.

Just a few months old I tripped over a bug in the laptop and after over 8 hours on support calls HP agreed it was broken. The box arrived and I sent it off. A week later the laptop came back but would lock up in minutes.

Back on the phone and HP's support said "Sorry but we've done all we can." I called in many times and fortunately for me my office had already supplied me another laptop so it sat there with me calling and filling in response forms for months.

After 6 months of that I disposed of the laptop because it was clear to me that HP had written me off and I have done the same to HP.

Another 3 months later and some "social rep" of HP heard about my story and offered to make good but could not because the laptop is no more.

Would you keep a dead laptop around? I don't and see no reason to deal with this company again.

There are stories about companies walking out on the customers and my advice is tell your story and learn from the experience.

--> Another lesson I learned from this problem is that HP buys almost everything to make their laptops. If you discover a design flaw, HP at this time appears to be unable to correct the flaw. In my case it was a BIOS flaw. It's a well known one (once you learn about it) and to this day HP has not responded that they corrected the flaw.

What more did HP destroy? My faith in their products and service.