Try both out

This will work with OS2.0 for the PlayBook, which will be coming out in the next couple of days. If I was you I would try both out before you buy any. First off if you currently use a BlackBerry phone then I would say 100% go with the PlayBook. The bridge features of the two of them is amazing. Like using your Playbook to use the web, using your phones data plan with no extra charge for tethering. Using BBM, emails and everything else between both devices flawlessly. Not to mention the PlayBooks browser scores the second best out of any browser in HTML5, only beat by Google Chrome. It is also the only device that does full Flash and HTML5 the best in the business. With all the bad press BlackBerry has received, I'd do my own research and look into everything. Don't believe anything BGR say's unless you look into it your self.

So bottom line is, yes when OS2.0 comes out for the PlayBook it will be able to use Audio Gateway which means you can connect it to any Bluetooth speaker system.