Just one.

by johnycf - 2/14/12 1:28 PM

In Reply to: Just one. by R. Proffitt Moderator

thank you for your reply! I could see that being an issue if not only for one thing, which it seems i left out during my frantic typing before:

The margins are set to standard 1" on the left and right, so even if they look off on the screen they should be still printing correctly, right?

The print preview looks correct, but printing is misaligned.

The documents are all on a shared drive and anyone else in the office can open the file in Word 2007 and press print the same exact way with no changes and it prints fine for them.

I even printed the document from another pc, then went to his and printed, and then back to the other one and printed again, only to show that the document is correct before and after his printing, (no saving) and then messed up on his.

Ive brought a laptop to the desk of the messed up computer and mirrored every single setting pertaining to Word and to the printer, all is the same, no different results though...this one is really starting to stump me......