Corrections to settings.

by lawdoggvr4 - 2/11/12 6:24 PM

In Reply to: LG LK450 picture settings by katzmaier CNET staff

I own an LG 42LK450 and attempted to calibrate per these settings. A couple comments.

(1) There is no "LED Local Dimming" option, this TV (at least my version, 42LK450-UB.CUSYLH) is an S-IPS LCD unit and is not LED-backlit.

(2) The "Real Cinema" is grey'd out and does not present itself as an option for an HDMI input with my blueray-equipped PC plugged into it.

(3) These settings, although producing deep blacks, also produce an incredibly dark picture, even in a dark room at night. They need to be much brighter.