white spots galore

by brendeleec - 2/11/12 8:46 AM

In Reply to: DLP 73733 by Icechest

good luck. about 4 months ago i had to replace my bulb for the second time in three years and i now have about 25 spots and each day it gets worse. I agree with everyone else. Mitsubishi needs to step up and take responsibility for their faulty televisions. I bought mine through aarons so paid twice the amount it is worth. All i want is a new 57 inch television of equal value to regular cost of this television. This is the family television and my 4 year old grandsons fav place to watch cartoons.Come on mitsubishi step up and take responsibility.if you want to keep loyal customers because its only going to get worse for you in the long run as it is for us people that has to watch our tv's through the dots.