Importing Email Messages in Outlook Express

by polaris6 - 2/9/12 8:08 PM

In Reply to: How I did this. by Kees_B Moderator

I am having a little difficulty with this process. Let me try to explain...
I create a new folder in mail list, eg. 'AAAMessage Box' (I used the AAA* to be sure the folder is listed near the top of the page.
I then exit OE; when I go to the folder store area, I notice there is a 'dbx' file 'AAAMessage Box.dbx', and, of course, it is empty.
I have already copied the dbx file that contains the mails I want into a folder on the HD; I have named that file 'Inbox1.dbx'
Your instructions above say to copy this file OVER the new, but empty 'AAAMessage Box.dbx' file(I assume that is what you meant)....If I did that, will I not get a file (Inbox1.dbx) occupying that space where the AAAMessage Box.dbx file was?
Should I, instead, rename the 'Inbox1.dbx' file (the file that has the mails I want to transfer) to read 'AAAMessage Box.dbx' and replace the empty 'AAAMessage Box.dbx' file with the renamed Inbox1.dbx file? This would/should but the transferred email messages in the AAAMessageBox mail folder when I open OE again (this is a question rather than a statement). misunderstanding is the copy, when I think you mean rename and then replace; Is that correct?