Hasn't worked

by MarkFlax Moderator - 2/9/12 3:16 AM

In Reply to: That hasn't worked by amz160

What does that mean?

Were you able to use F8 to get the Safe Mode list of options? If not then that's serious.

But if so that is progress of a sorts. Then what happened when you selected the top option and pressed Enter? What did you see happening?

Here's why it could be bad. If all you see is that Acer splash screen then the black screen, we need to know what POST is reporting during boot up.

POST is "Power On, Self Test" and is a function of the BIOS when you turn the system on. The BIOS checks through all the hardware and reports OK or whether there's any problems. In your laptop the POST reports are hidden by the Acer splash screen and we need to disable that. So, on the next boot up, hit F2 when you see it to enter Setup, (the BIOS settings). Then use the keyboard arrow keys to navigate around the BIOS tabs and settings and look for the option that displays the Acer splash screen. Disable that and then Save & Exit the BIOS.

Then watch the BIOS reports, (the POST messages), to see what is being reported.