by Tech3099 - 2/5/12 12:50 AM

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I'm a Geek Squad agent going on 4 months now.
I've read through this forum thread and cannot believe the ignorance in a few of the posts.

As stated in one, Geek Squad has changed services and now offer what is called "Tech Support".
A client can purchase a 1, 2 or 3 year term of "Tech Support". $199, $279 & $349 respectively.
If the client is purchasing a new computer then this service is discounted by $100 across the board.

With this service, the client will be covered for virus removal, operating system repair, REMOTE assistance (so they don't even have to leave their home!) which allows them to go to and browse through a list of agents and choose the one they wish to work with based on their success rate and customer reviews. Or the client can call the hotline to establish the remote session also.
It also provides anti-virus complimentary (Norton, Webroot, Trend Micro, or Kaspersky) for the duration of the term.

Under Tech Support if the clinet has ANY software problems, ANY # of times during the term, they need only to contact us.
Lastly, this service covers not 1 but 3! computers as stated in a prior post.

This is NOT an extended warranty for hardware. The only thing not included in Tech Support is data backup, transfer & recovery.

You nay-sayers need to understand that the first step an agent does on a unit is to run a hardware diagnostics test. Doing this ensures first and foremost that we are dealing with ONLY software issues.
This is not a simple once over test but a very thorough and extensive compilation of testing utilities being used.
If failing hardware is detected, such as a hard drive for example, then yes we will notify the client and suggest a replacement. At Best Buy we carry many variations of drives a customer can choose from. Under Tech Support, the client only need purchase the replacement and the install will be at no extra charge. In the case of the failing hard drive, once the new drive is installed the operating system then needs to be reinstalled. Most clients already have recovery discs, either from the manufacturer or created by Geek Squad at the time of purchase, and if they do not then as stated earlier, the only action needed to be taken by the client is to contact the manufacturer with the unit's model # and s/n or p/n in some cases.

So now I'm going to address the $2500 cost that someone mentioned earlier in this thread regarding the recovery of data from a hard drive. Obviously we do not charge $2500 every time. Actually, this is a very rare occurrence and is only done when the data needed to be recovered is EXTREMELY vital.
Put simply, a failing hard drive is a failing hard drive. Data recovery is just that, data recovery. There are 3 levels, one being more costly than the next. The client makes the choice depending on how important the data is.

It is not our fault nor our responsibility to ensure that steps are taken to backup this data to circumvent a costly recovery.

We are not scam artists. We are individuals who have a passion for our jobs. We do NOT work on commission. Personally, I do my job, and enjoy it, because of the people who need the help and experience that I can provide. Geek Squad has always been a respectable and go-to source for those who would rather not have to know what we know.
We are Geeks...
That is all