Via webmail

Hello, I'm here looking for an answer myself about Outlook and saw your question.

This might not be the solution you're looking for but I can look at all my folders on webmail. When I upgraded to Outlook 2010, I found that I could see them on the server. Apparently it's because I now have an IMAP account (not Pop3). I don't know if this applies to any other servers with non web-based email. (I'm in Australia with an Australian provider - Optus.)

The downside of this in my particular provider's case is that it's very limited webmail with plain text. I've never had to use the search and sort functions away from home but don't think this is possible. Also, at home it's sometimes slow to do things in Outlook because I have to wait while it's 'synchronising folders'. I cannot look at anything under 'Outlook Data File' (like drafts I create at home) but I hardly ever need to, even at home. So what I can see on webmail is all folders I've created under the ordinary Inbox, which includes the default Sent Mail. It's user un-friendly email but handy sometimes to look in my folders.

A friend who's a website designer (so knows his way around servers and domains etc.) has a way of accessing his email program via gmail but I have no idea how he does this!

The simple solution of course is to use web-based email like hotmail, but this is not for you and me who already have our emails and folders set up in Outlook. I presume you don't have a laptop, neither do I, which is the other obvious way to take email with you.

That's about all I can offer and it probably doesn't help you!

Helen happy