Found a Perfect One!

by gamma295 - 1/30/12 10:23 AM

In Reply to: All I am seeing by MarkFlax Moderator

Thank you very much! After searching CAD software in Google Search for a while (I'm never good at phrasing so most likely I was making it much harder than it should have been) I finally found Google SketchUp 8! Not only can I draw in 2D I can also draw in 3D! Well, I'm not going as far as to make it 3D because I would have to remeasure again... It took me 7 hours to draw a top-down rough draft of the map with the underground areas too. Detail and all. Then I needed to create my own game scale, write down common habits people have, ect. Yeah. I put a lot of effort in to creating this strategy map I want to share with my friends when we voice chat while we play WolfTeam.
I noticed that if you use strategy your team actually can live regardless whether the other team is all buffed up on AP (real word money) weapons,werewolf abilities, and all of that! Well... The rule carries through all games but anyway thank you very much! I'm very excited to finally finish a project I started a long time ago!