Followed all your instructions

by maanojrakhit - 1/30/12 7:33 AM

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Thanks a lot. Thanks for step-by-step suggestions.

Sorry, I should have mentioned, it's Win 7.

1] Sorry again, Task Manager I had tried but forgotten to mention.

2] Now, I tried msconfig but couldn't locate.

3] Then, tried about config and found a few reference to other people facing same issue.

Visited one of them and seemed good number of guys were troubled by this. One of the solutions offered was (note below) but I couldn't go beyond step 2.

Other suggestion was to go to which I did and found good number of people reporting same issue and number of solution offered as well but, unfortunately, those were very lengthy and very complex.

Another link suggested TechSupportForum and I visited it. That suggested which you had already suggested and I had tried (Add-ons in Firefox).

I had also tried (for other reasons) Norton Power Eraser but it did not find any thing. I mentioned this because some people in their posts perceived it as virus/malware.

4] I have registered with and submitted a post at


The correct way to get Incredimail Mystart out of Firefox is:
1. At Firefox address bar, enter about:config and press ENTER.
2. At Filter: field, type keyword.url
3. You should see a Preference name of keyword.URL in the list. Double click it, a "Enter String Value" input box will appear.
4. Replace the string with: Click "OK" button
For Internet Explorer, you just install Google Toolbar again, and Mystart goes away.