Thats what I thought

by georgebrooks91 - 1/26/12 7:24 PM

In Reply to: What we do know is this. by R. Proffitt Moderator

when using the decompiler I had, although it was random bits, i saw bitmaps and screen directions, but nothing definitive as address location to or from or a simple of doing it. I dont want to just give up, and me being not a programmer at all, makes me want to learn more about it. I appreciate the insights you have given. I just wanted to take where it goes to "download" and replace it with "upload". happy But Its not that simple I gather. The Palm os dev seems have gone off to no mans land as well, I dont like how they are doing things.
The windows program you wrote is very nice, although i miss the debug menu. Ive never fully understood the hex byte sending part of the program other to confirm things were being sent to and from.
Thanks for responding, and wow what a way to bump into somebody.