Word "read only"

by PhilipCohen2 - 1/26/12 12:21 PM

In Reply to: Simple solution nobody else mentioned by Ares_Georgiad

I'm using Office 2003 on Windows 7 x64 on new Intel i7 hardware with 12GB of RAM.

My now problem Word files are not now and never have been literally "read only". It is only Word that decides that the files will be deemed to be read-only. I can have several Word files open at the same time and, on occasions, on only the second save, the file will go read-only.

Nothing I have tried has fixed the problem.

On my previous hardware I was running XP and never had the problem with any Word file; however I did have the problem with an Excel file that I used to keep open for editing, but then only very occasionally and the problem only arose after many saves.
Has no one at Microsoft personally observed this problem?

Microsoft should be aware of and should have fixed this most irritating problem by now.

Get your finger out Bill ...