I think they are a scam company

by pdemeo - 1/23/12 1:27 PM

In Reply to: PC Cleaner Pro by R_Carruthers

Somehow PC Cleaner Pro got on my daughter's computer. I'm not sure whether it was a pop up ad that she accidentally clicked on. There was a window on her computer from PC Cleaner Pro that said that the computer had 2706 problems and had a button to "Fix All". I was afraid to uninstall the program since I did not know anything about the company and I was afraid to get a virus. So, I researched it on my other computer. It seemed like a legitimate company, so I went to uninstall the program and received a pop saying to call 855-881-1343. It would not allow me to uninstall the programs in the Control Panel. When I called the number, their representative Kesav Dutt answered and told me that he needs to take control of my computer because it is in critical condition and he'll need to uninstall the program himself. This was just a way for him to scare me into thinking that I need their services. He clicked on the start button and ran "eventvwr" which showed that there were 19,409 errors and said "Oh my God! Do you see how many errors you have on this computer. Then he continued to go to different areas of the computer repeating Oh My God, your system is going to crash. He told me that I was wasting my money on Norton 360 because they don't have Microsoft Certified Technicians, he told me that my Norton 360 was not working properly because it was the version for XP, not Windows 7, he told me that I had a Facebook Virus, and many other things to scare me. He told me that he can fix everything for $399.96 for a 2 year subscription. I told him that was the price for my computer and I can just buy another one. He told me that I would still have the problem with another because the IP address would be the same. I told him that I will call him back when I speak to my husband and he said that it may be too late because my computer may not last that long. So, he was going to call me back 4 hours later when my husband returned. In the meantime, I called Norton support who also took charge of my computer. Norton 360 was up to date and he informed me that even if I had the XP version, that it would still work with Windows 7. He uninstalled the PC Cleaner Pro for me. This process could not have been completed by an ordinary computer user. I did not pay the $396 price, but I'm sure that other people have and I think a class action lawsuit should be started against this company for the scare tactics that they use. I'm a pretty savvy computer user and he almost had me convinced to pay the money to fix the problem. I'm mad at myself for allowing him to take control of my computer, but I did watch his every step and don't think that he did anything malicious. A Norton tech went through the computer afterwards and ran various clean up programs, so I think I'm okay. He just returned my call and I told him that I think it's he's just scamming me, but he had me run eventvwr myself and I saw the errors, but I don't think this is legitimite. I would steer clear of this company and want to warn people about them.