temperamental icon and Avast

by VirtualVivien - 1/21/12 9:20 AM

In Reply to: I can see why by MarkFlax Moderator

Thanks, but maybe our computers, systems or maybe AV software have different problems! My volume icon has disappeared and reappeared several times over the past 2 days, and I have just tried what you suggested above. The SplashLite and vlc programs close OK and the volume icon is still there. I have no problems with adjusting the volume with my icon, including when the players are running. I am having problems telling SplashLite to stop playing a video at the moment though. Sometimes it responds and sometimes it doesn't.

A few searches revealed that Avast allegedly (according to reps, who seem a little defensive and petulant sometimes) sometimes flags files as corrupted when it simply can't open them. Maybe it's a temporary problem with Avast, like when it kept identifying Microsoft files as suspect. I think it runs all the time in the background.

Thanks for the tip on opening Task Manager - previously the only way I knew how to do it was Ctrl-Alt-Del!