CNET update needed

by nationvol - 1/20/12 8:27 PM

In Reply to: MINT Personal by breider5

I agree with the user above. uses the CNET name to advertise its product while stripping down the original product features that drew people to Mint in the first place. They keep throwing the free feature around, but now that they are intuit owned, I'm not buying it. Nothing is free, and the data they are mining from me is more than compensation. Stripping the budget view of a budget number has to be one of the dumbest things I have ever seen. The lack of customer support and bold face lies on fixes are more than enough to steer people that care away from the software they once loved. CNET really needs to think about updating their review based on the sole feature that no longer allows you to see budgeted amounts at a glance.

You know how you overbudget the most? You can't see what you've budgeted.

The feature is a minor bump in a further root problem that is Mint's lack of customer support. If you don't address customer concerns, other people will.