eliminating email tracking by internet sites

by goodyt - 1/15/12 6:41 AM

In Reply to: One wonders . . . by Coryphaeus

Thank you for your response. However, probably due to my generally unsophisticated level of knowledge redgarding "computer things," 1) I am afraid to open any email that is from an unknown source-therefore, checking the opt out/remove from email list is not an option, and 2) in my limited experience it is impossible(?) to purchase anything from Amazon (and I believe HP) web sites without providing your email address.

That being said, if I do see an interesting/potential ink site on line I do not provide an email address. I have always assumed that the email address is just there for the taking by companies/hackers who have the technical knowledge. Maybe, the email information is coming from Amazon, i.e., their site is being harvested by the violators.

Any other input will be appreciated. Thanks.