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by pixionus - 1/11/12 8:37 AM

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because those softwares do a more complete job than windows uninstallers or do it all faster with less time on your part respectively. Revo clears your registry which isnt usually done. It also removes left over empty folders and such. These things if left to build up on your computer (if you dont reformat often) will eventually slow it down. Decrapifier will remove programs you dont need without you having to research each individual one and remove them all one by one yourself (if I remember it correctly.)
These are very light programs made by good programmers not the menial coders hired by microsoft, hp, toshiba, etc. to do their smaller jobs (part of the reason bloat slows your computer so much without doing much of anything for you. Decrapifier is a use and delete thing and though you will only be able to get revo as a trial, it works better than most. These are the tools most of us programmers, IT's, "Geeks", and other tech "gurus" use, and why when we fix things they really get fixed. Most of the software repairs and such that I do boil down to just using the right small utility program for the job. Thats what dokley is suggesting. If you don't use it, that's fine I don't always either depending on the user level of the client (will they notice and utilize the extra benefits, will they be saved from having to reformat sooner because they don't do it often and I left less junk on their computer at the end of my work, or are they just checking emails and typing. If the last, it wont matter what you do).