Re: Uninstalling TechTracker on a Mac

by AC6VV - 1/10/12 5:14 PM

In Reply to: Uninstalling TechTracker on a Mac by CNET_Gregg

Thanks Gregg, The process worked (with a couple of tweaks of pathnames). Here are mine:

/Applications/CNET TechTracker
/Users/<myusername>/Library/Application Support/TechTracker
/Users/<myusername>/Library/Preference Panes/TechTracker
/Library/TechTracker folder

This was on my Mac Pro (non-Intel) G5, running OS X Version 10.5.8, where TechTracker happily installed, but would not allow me to open the preferences pane. It also didn't care that most of the updates it found were not compatible with a non-Intel Mac. Pretty much made it a useless nuisance! Thanks for helping me finally get the dang thing removed!