by jimmurray1946 - 1/10/12 9:46 AM

In Reply to: Sorry. by R. Proffitt Moderator

Perhaps You can not find an answer to your question since it was a question that I asked initially that I am looking for an answer to. Maybe I should not have used the word "stance" in my initial question. Please feel free to substitute "opinion" or "view" or other words to indicate what the companies position on the SOPA is. Its simply my opinion that the less I deal with companies that seek to limit my free use of the internet the better off I and others will be. The SOPA seems to tell or otherwise (substitute word that pleases you) attempt to guide or direct or steer or whatever my free use of the internet. I pay a rather pricey fee to use the internet therefor I expect that I can use the internet as I see fit. If I choose to obtain services from a company that supports any legislation that limits my ability to do so then that is my choice. Look at what an effect the boycott on Go Daddy had. I am not suggesting that you should follow in my views, all I am doing is attempting to find out which companies are supporting the SOPA so I may (or may not) utilize their services at my own discretion. Freedom is a right, not an optional law that can be imposed by a vote from legislators that the general public is not given the right to vote upon. Granted it was our general vote that put the legislators in the position that they hold however in such far reaching law I feel that the public should have a definite say. Well, I will get off my soap box now and re-enter the real world, remember the CES is on now, gotta get current on my new toys.