Truncated appointment notes, limited granularity of the

"Truncated appointment notes, limited granularity of the appointment alarm times, bloated iTunes conduit to Outlook. As long as the contacts app has a large notes field, I can embed any info in there if the app doesn't formally define a field for it. Hopefully, it is searchable. I expect the functions of these 3 apps to be quite standard -- but I might be wrong, since I have limited experience."

1. The notes don't truncate.
2. The stock calendar is less capable than the PalmOS calendar.
3. We still get a fairly large sync app to sync with Outlook or Google Calendar or such.

I've tried to be nice about it but folk that used PalmOS and its apps expected Android to be a step up, not down.

I can see why you are confused over the native or such terms. Since you can replace any native app with your own choice then you may feel like we tossed you into the deep end of the pool with cement galoshes.