Standard/native Android apps (no apps testable outside US)

by dnetNuby - 1/8/12 8:07 PM

In Reply to: The stock apps are pretty bad. by R. Proffitt Moderator

Test driving is a cool feature...unfortunately, I don't see the option to do so, and a bit of russling around hints at the cause being that I'm outside the US.

In any case, I spent a bit of time trying to identify those apps native to Android so that I can test drive them. Just to avoid confusion, I noticed that people use the word "native" in a slightly different way from "originally from". When they many web pages say "Native", they mean resident in the device rather than over the web -- even if the app did not originally come with the device or with Android. So for clarity, I was searching for what apps are a part of "stock" Android (if such a thing exists). For example, the Palm (and variants), iPod Touch, and Casio's I've owned contain calendar, contacts (address books), and notes apps that came with the device.

I wasn't able to find such native apps. Would I be right in concluding that Android doesn't have native apps for personal information management, and that they all come from the apps store?

I noted that you mentioned that the apps are a step down from PalmOS. I'm not really holding up everything to PalmOS for comparison. For example, I got use to the calendar, contacts, and notes in the iPod Touch (and in Outlook rather than Palm Desktop). Just a few annoyances mentioned previously: Truncated appointment notes, limited granularity of the appointment alarm times, bloated iTunes conduit to Outlook. As long as the contacts app has a large notes field, I can embed any info in there if the app doesn't formally define a field for it. Hopefully, it is searchable. I expect the functions of these 3 apps to be quite standard -- but I might be wrong, since I have limited experience.