Not really an app connoisseur

by dnetNuby - 1/8/12 6:08 PM

In Reply to: Remember we have the old Apps issues. by R. Proffitt Moderator

I don't think I'd be too phased by thin choice in apps as long as the stock apps are good. In all my devices, I never used much in the way of apps other than calendar, contacts, and notes. These are the stock options that I expect to work well (and sync well with outlook). None of this business with truncated appointment notes or limited list of predefined times for appointment alarms. Apart from that, there's not much that I found can go wrong with these apps (correct me if I'm wrong).

Recently, with the iPod Touch, I got spoiled by having a browser, MP3/podcast player, and email. I don't have too many expectations of these apps, and expect to have to adapt to them. I already adapt to computer-based browsers depending on what kind of platform is available at the time. I also expect to adapt to MP3/podcast player of the platform (which I hardly use anyway, but if I do, podcast management is a big plus). For email, I can always use the Google app rather than the built-in app (though I've also gotten use to adapting to the app depending on what platform is available at the time).

Thanks for that link. The price is low. I hear what you say about not having to use phone capability, but it seems like such a waste to pay for that capability and not use it. If possible, I'd like to pay for a device where all the payment goes toward making good PDA functionality. It's illogical to maintain this position, I know, if something coupled with phone capability offers better PDA functionality for comparable price. I'll see what options turn up.

As for the external keyboard for the iPod Touch...I aim for convenience when using a PDA, and carrying around another thing isn't what I had in mind (plus the need to find a surface to use the external keyboard).