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by Doc John - 1/7/12 7:30 AM

In Reply to: copy files with corect dates by XV1100b

I agree with starstreak that the folder or file creation date becomes the date of the copy and the modify date is the original creation date. Also: Why copy & paste? by Alain Martel1 - 12/23/11 1:19 PM - also states that the drag and drop feature works, but when I check the properties of the dragged and dropped files it shows that the CREATION Date is today's date and the MODIFIED date is the original creation date of the file. So in my Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit system, it doesn't work.
Also XV1100b suggests to select the file or folder and select the "send to" option but it only allows you to send the file to: 1) Compressed (zipped) Folder 2) Desktop (create shortcut) 3) Documents 4) Fax recipient 5) Mail recipient 6) Skype 7) DVD RW drive D: - and won't let you select the target location that may be a new folder you created. So that method doesn't work either.
All this being said, I'm going to try some backup software like Free - Microsoft's Sync Toy 2.1 or Total Commander (if there is a free version). Good Luck!