Color Temp Menu Omission

by burgersa - 1/6/12 10:34 PM

In Reply to: Sharp Elite PRO-60X5FD picture settings by katzmaier CNET staff

Thanks very much for the in-depth review, and for posting your settings. In the Color Temp sub-menus, with 10 Point Settings set to off, I cannot find any reference as to what your setting was for Color Temp. The drop-down menu has five settings, and the THX Movie settings default is Low. With 10 Point Setting set to On, Color Temp is grayed out, and this setting is no longer visible. But as you mentioned, after the 10 Point settings are made, the On-Off position of the "10 Point Settings" has no relevance, as the Elite still uses both on and off settings to process the picture. I changed the default Color Temp (Off) setting from "Low" to Middle", eliminating the overall yellow cast. For my taste this made the picure much more natural looking.
What was the setting for Color Temp, "10 Point Settings" off, on your test Elite, when you finalized your calibration?
Again, thanks for the great review!