Solution to fix Word files becoming Read-Only

by various777 - 1/5/12 7:42 PM

In Reply to: Word files suddenly become read only by 1Chris

I had similar problem with MSWord 2003, after copy pasting all Document folders to a new Hard Drive, while upgrading to a bigger one.

Finally what fixed it for me was when I did all of the following:
1) Change my standard user account type to Administrator (via Control Panel>User Accounts)

- Very Important

2) Then in this
standard user account, navigate to each root folder containing documents (eg. My

3) On each root folder change the Read Only attribute as follows: RightClik>Properties>Uncheck Read Only>Apply>accept
default Apply change to all folders and subfolders>OK

I was then able to edit prior MS word docs in
my standard user account as desired, including
after I removed Administrator powers
from this account, and including
after I logged out, and then logged back
in again, without Administrator powers
on my standard account.