Quite correct about the difficulty

by Sorenson01 - 1/3/12 6:08 PM

In Reply to: You may have to tell more. by R. Proffitt Moderator

I very much agree about the difficulty in installing older OS'es. I was raised on Win 98 and it has been left behind. I didn't know much so I went to school and took hardware support. That was more than 3 years ago and never finished because I got a better job which prevented me from finishing. Maybe someday.

But I didn't want to forget the harder way of installing Win 98 vs today's somewhat easier OS'es. So I set out to try and get it installed myself (Win 98 Second Edition) on my original Win 98 computer.

That's where I'm at currently. Still trying and very many problems. Unsure what might be hardware problems vs software incompatibilities. I'm basically lost.

The computer is working, but not very efficiently. So many dodges I have to take into account, in other words, one cannot run Win 98 SE as today's prime OS so I have to backtrack and use older browsers and such just to get it to function.

What I have decided to try and do is make that old computer non-Internet because it can't handle today's Internet. But even that is not turning out easy because I have elements of old Internet functionality already on it now-just to see if it is possible to get some Internet functionality out of it. But so far, only looking around the Internet, and some downloads, not much else.

I wish this were easier. lol.