by 83bj60 - 12/29/11 8:08 PM

In Reply to: Video capable digicam. by KenHusveg

I was put off this response at first but... Flick of a lever, get in video mode, record, get back in picture mode, and during processing, convert all avis or mpgs into wav... Then rename by date and time so that each wav file has the same number as the corresponding wav for slideshow presentation... Should work! I take 200 pictures a day with one audio comment with each picture, hmm, that would definitely add quite a bit to the work load unless I can find an automated video to sound file converter. I'd only need to rename each sound file with the same name as the jpg it is attached to so as to work with a slideshow. Not easy if some pictures have no audiio coment, but might be possible. Definitely worth investiagting!