Since Windows 3.11, I've absolutely NEVER ever used that method to transfert files from location to location. I find that sellect, drag and drop is much easier, natural and convenient.

Also, using that method, the creation dates are preserved. You duplicate the file(s) with all of it's attributes including things like read only or system status, while the copy & paste create a new file with the content of the original one(s).

Total Commander suggested by Bob is an excellent file manipulation tool, in many aspect superior to Windows' explorer. It natively support several archive formats that explorer just can't.

I can NOT recommend WinZip nor PK Zip. You are beter with IZ-Archiver or Power Archiver: It fully support the ZIP format, as well as 7Z and almost every format you may stumble uppon. Also, IZ-Archiver is FREE for personal use happy while WinZip and PK Zip will cost you money or constantly nag you if you don't register.