Samsung Galaxy Player 4 ?

by VooDoo_Daddy - 12/22/11 10:47 AM

In Reply to: Suggestions for PDA replacement by JannID

I've been looking for a "supported" replacement for my Palm LifeDrive for a few years now.
I need my contacts, calendar AND task alerts to manage my busy life away from my corporate laptop, which is bulky and slow to boot up. (The Laptop runs Windows 7(x64), which is not supported by the current Palm synchronization software.)
Due to the relatively rapid turn-over in cell phones (every 2 years), I don't want phone functionality. So, having it joined at the hip with my PDA is not a viable solution.
The closest I've seen is the Apple iPod Touch or the Samsung Galaxy Player 4. They're both pocket size with a lot of capability and no phone functionality - and they cost about as much as the LifeDrive did when it was new.
Apple iPod Touch
I've been really close to getting an iPod Touch, but the deal-breaker for me is its inability to completely and easily synchronize with MS Outlook/Exchange. Appointments and contacts are easy. But when you ask about alarmed tasks, the Apple salesmen don't have an answer. (Weird)
I ran into this issue with my son's Apple Macbook as well. The concept of setting up tasks that set off an alarm at a pre-arranged time is competely alien to the Apple (and Google too for that matter.) Appointments? No problem.
Samsung Galaxy Player 4
CNET slammed the Galaxy Player as a poor competitor to the Apple iPod Touch on the grounds that it was a mediocre media player. (I would really like their perspective as a PDA replacement.)
The Best Buy salesman showed me that the Galaxy Player has an Outlook/Exchange communication component to it, but I haven't found it documented in the Galaxy Player User Guide.
From my research, Samsung has something called "KIES", which can be downloaded for free and runs on the desktop. It acts something like iTunes. They use it to move media to and from the Player. This sounds like a reasonable replacement for the Palm desktop application.
Can anyone provide any details on synchronizing a Galaxy Player with Outlook/Exchange?
While on the subject of PDA replacements, here is a list of desired functions that the Android Marketplace seems to address.
- Runs an Encrypted database for passwords etc that synchronizes with desktop (i.e. SplashID)
- Runs a Units Conversion Application like Convert IT.