Wish I had check this site before buying Samsung 50" Plasma

by OHSPANMAN - 12/17/11 7:01 PM

In Reply to: Update by kidstocks59

Well hind sight is always better than no sight. I wished I had posted the question about the Samsung 50" Plasma. FPt5084. Great picture for a year and then it blew a fuse so I replaced the fuse and it ran for another 8 months, right after warranty ran out and now it doesn't turn on and the power light blinks. So I am ordering the new CAPS tonight. I removed the board and found 4 caps domed out. Also found one over on another board off to the left facing the back of the tv. Only one there and it is lightly domed. But its not on the power board so will do them first.

Thanks all for your venting and TECH SUPPORT is a poor choice of words. Samsung should have stepped up to the plate two years ago when this first started to show up and then have the same issue with 2010 models is plain greet at the corperate level. No wonder we have OCUPPIERS all over. VENT VENT VENT.