I know nothing about cameras and I am only responding to your question about this site, is it legit?

Others here may know specifically.

But I looked at their About Us link. It's strange.

"Who we are
We are committed to provide best pricing with even better customer service, our staff have more than 50 years expreience with Film, Digital and Video Equipment."

Our staff have more than 50 years in...

That suggests that they have been in business for more than 50 years, and yet they are an online shop, no bricks and mortar. Or, it means literally that the staff have 50 years of experience between them. Slightly better but of course if they had 10 staff, that would only be 5 years each.

No customer reviews on their site, although they can always be 'manufactured' anyway. Returns Policy - within 30 days and with the original packaging. Presumably if you put a step wrong, no matter how small, they will refuse to refund.

I see other Canon 7D for £747 upwards, (around $1,161.00), so their prices are really very low. That alone makes me suspicious. I would have to wonder about that.